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Brush Turkey Removal

Call 0418303625 to get access to a professional resolution to your Australian Brush Turkey problem with Ranger Wildlife Management's Brush Turkey removal service.  Nick can generally respond the same or next day.  Brush Turkey removal services range from $180 depending on difficulty, time of day and location.

Brisbane has a large population of Brush Turkeys and while it is great to have them around to keep insects under control, the males’ nest building can cause problems in suburban backyards, mainly during the period August to September.

Male Brush Turkeys build large mounds in a shaded area, from vegetable materials such as mulch or leaves and after constructing the mound, which can measure up to four metres in diameter and a metre or more high, invites a female to inspect the mound as a nesting site.  If his efforts have been successful and she is happy with the site, she will lay up to around a dozen eggs, which will hatch in around seven weeks.

Brush Turkeys can move an amazing amount of mulch or other nesting material in a short period to form a mound and even if a homeowner redistributes the material, the male will simply move it all back again.  Unfortunately, there are no really reliable ways to stop this behaviour and if leaving the birds to nest is not an option, then removal is the only other course of action.  Of course, if it is possible to leave the Brush Turkeys to do their thing, then that is an ideal solution and may be tolerable for the two months or so that the building and breeding process takes.

If it is necessary to remove the male Brush Turkey, it is necessary to trap him and move him a long distance away, or he will simply return and start again.  There is the risk that another male will take the place of the removed bird if the yard looks inviting enough and there is plenty of nesting material.


Once eggs are laid, the nest cannot be disturbed until after the chicks have left.  Brush Turkey chicks are not cared for by their parents, so have a high mortality rate but once they hatch, they will fairly quickly move away from the nesting area in search of food.

Brush Turkeys are a part of the natural environment and removal, simply for the convenience of humans, is not an option.  The conditions of a Damage Mitigation Permit allow removal of problematic males, only when their presence causes extreme stress or severe financial loss.



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