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Handy Wildlife Links

Appearing below are some helpful links for people interested in the wildlife which may share their property and some statistics on snake bite in Australia.

Seen a snake and not sure what sort it is?  This link may prove helpful but also remember to look up legless lizards if you can’t find anything that looks like what you saw.

Snakes of South East Queensland

Just what are your chances of survival if you get bitten?  This article gives some figures and lots of other information about snakes, first aid for snake bite and information on antivenoms.

Snake Bite

List of Fatal Snake Bites in Australia (Wikipedia)

Moving Possums to Another Area – Is it a death sentence?  Article below indicates that not only is it perilous for possums but serves little purpose as others move into the vacated area:


Melbourne study in 1994 on relocation of possums


Possum relocation potentially a 'death sentence



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