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Possums Love Renovations

Damage done to one of a number of areas of sarking
in a roof by one trapped possum in one night


Being possum-wise during renovations can save time and money when renovations are finished, says Yeronga-based possum and snake remover Nick Read, of Ranger Wildlife Management.

Nick estimates that around 20-30 percent of his work in removing possums from roof spaces is because builders or owners did not consider the entry of possums when breaching the structural integrity of the house, particularly the roof.

‘Often builders will remove either wall or roof cladding and leave gaps for possums to set up home, sometimes leaving these gaps for weeks, an open invitation for a possum looking to establish a new home in its range’, says Nick.

Once in the roof space, possums are reluctant to leave during daylight hours and because a job will usually be finished before dark, possums are all too often sealed into the roof.  Once this happens the possum or possums will cause significant damage in their attempts to get out and one of the first things to suffer is the sarking (the insulating foil or foam) which is installed immediately under the roof covering.  

Nick suggests that a few simple steps can reduce or remove the risk of a possum getting into a roof space or, if one does get in, having it removed at the most appropriate time.  The steps involved are:

Ensuring that gaps are covered during hours of darkness, using chicken wire or similar, securely fastened to ensure it can’t be pulled away by a marauding possum.

Being aware of noises in the roof, particularly for a few hours after it gets dark and leading up to sunrise.

If possums are suspected of having invaded the roof space during building, liaising with a licensed possum remover to ensure that a trapping program is in place leading up to the sealing up of any gaps, to ensure that any possum subsequently trapped in the roof is removed before it can do damage, is injured or dies in the roof space.

These simple steps can save the expense and inconvenience of having to call out a possum remover in an emergency and in the builder having to rectify the damage done by a trapped possum. 

Nick stresses that trapping and removal of possums can only be done by people licenced by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and that once the gaps have been sealed, there is generally no reason to remove the possum from the premises, if there is suitable habitat for it to survive. 



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